The 9 Best Pieces of Lightweight Luggage That Are Available to Purchase in 2022

Getting excited for a trip is part of the fun, but if you’re like the majority of people who go on vacation, you probably don’t look forward to the part when you have to pack your luggage. Even fewer travelers look forward to the prospect of schlepping heavy luggage on and out of aeroplanes, trains, and vehicles, or hoisting it into the overhead storage bin or off the baggage carousel. Choosing the finest lightweight baggage that is currently available is one simple step you can take to make your trip more doable.

When making the switch to more lightweight baggage, try to choose items that weigh less than 10 pounds each. You’ll also need to choose between luggage made of cloth or hard shells, so keep that in mind. You should look for baggage that has characteristics that make it easy to manage, such as telescopic handles and construction that includes several wheels. Other elements to take into account include storage pockets, expanded designs, and built-in USB ports, as well as features that make packing simpler, such as storage pockets and extensible designs.

We analyzed the composition of each alternative, as well as its level of sturdiness and weight, in order to choose the most effective lightweight baggage. We examined carry-on baggage that didn’t take up too much space, checked luggage, and luggage sets.

Here is a list of the top lightweight baggage alternatives that are presently available on the market to assist you in narrowing down your selections.

Carry On Luggage

You may skip the hordes of people in the baggage claim area as they wait with their fingers crossed at the carousel since you already have the peace of mind that your suitcase is close when you get off the aircraft at your destination. Ah… the security of knowing your bag is nearby. The disadvantage is that you have to lug your suitcase along the aircraft aisle before it can be stored in the overhead compartment. This procedure will be simplified with the use of a carry-on bag that is lightweight and weighs up to one pound less than a conventional carry-on.

01 Ebags Fortis Pro 22″ “Carry-On Spinner with USB Port

8.58 pounds in total weight

This sleek spinner is brought to you by ebags and has an elegant raised rib pattern with a mirror finish, an expansion gusset, and a combination lock that is approved by the TSA. The clamshell bag includes two parts, one big zipped mesh pocket and one split compartment with built-in wet and dry packing cubes, so you may pack your belongings in an organized and simple manner. A resilient polycarbonate finish can be seen on the outside of the Fortis Pro.

This robust carry-on luggage comes with a telescopic handle that offers three different height settings as well as four wheels that roll smoothly and quietly, providing outstanding mobility. Additionally, the bag is extensible, allowing for an additional 1.5 inches of width to be added by just zipping around the outside of the suitcase. In addition, there is a built-in external USB connector on the outside of the bag, along with a pouch, so that you may connect an external power bank to the bag.

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02 Expandable Travelpro Maxlite 5 Carry-On Spinners for International Destinations

It weighs in about 5.3 pounds.

This popular carry-on bag made of lightweight polyester has been upgraded with four wheels and an adjustable handle to make it easier to manage. When you employ the additional two inches of packing space, the expansion is tapered to ensure that it will not tilt forward on its own. The bag has a big zipped pocket on the outside, which is ideal for storing a tablet, along with a smaller mesh pocket on the inside that may be used for efficient compartmentalization of the bag’s contents.

One of the reviewers made the observation that “as light as the [previous version] is, this one is much lighter.” “It was almost impossibly light, which was the very first thing that stood out to me about it. Because of this, as well as the fact that I had to put myself on a “packing diet,” it was really pretty pleasant and simple to lift into the overhead compartment.”

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Carry-on model number 03 Tumi Continental

This shimmering carry-on from Tumi’s lightest luggage series is not only gorgeous but also long-lasting and useful on the inside and exterior. The contents are kept organised thanks to the three zipped compartments, and the inbuilt TSA locks ensure that they are safe. A guarantee that lasts for five years is included, as is a handle that can be adjusted and retracted for ease of use.

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Carry-on spinner luggage model number 04 for the Lipault Original Plume collection

The scale reads 5.1 pounds

This carry-on by Lipault Paris is basically a duffel bag with the design of a suitcase, making it one of the lightest luggage on our list. You can get it here. It is constructed from long-lasting nylon that is resistant to water and is available in a wide range of colour options. Your attempts to pack will be made easier within the main compartment by the inclusion of fastening straps as well as various organising pockets. In addition, there is a handy front zipper pocket on the outside of the bag, allowing you to quickly reach any of your smaller travel necessities.

One of the reviewers highlighted that the product “also has a tremendous capacity for its size,” which is “far more than any other carry-on of this size that I have seen.” “During my most recent trip, I had no trouble packing two pairs of jeans, six or seven blouses, two cardigan sweaters, two pashminas, one skirt, underwear, two pairs of shoes, a swimming suit and a cover-up, as well as toiletries, one hair dryer, one curling iron, and one other significant hair equipment. It was simple to zip up, and I could have added more to it. The bag, although having all of this inside of it, was still quite light and easy to lift. Furthermore, it was a breeze to move.”

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05 Rimowa Essential Lite Small Cabin

4.2 pounds is the total weight

This international spinner is Rimowa’s lightest suitcase to date, but just because it’s lightweight doesn’t imply that it’s lacking in durability in any way. The outside is made of practically unbreakable polycarbonate, which is more robust than metal, and inbuilt TSA locks offer a further layer of protection. The interior Flex-Divider mechanism of this bag makes packing a breeze by ensuring that everything has a dedicated space and can be stored safely. Take advantage of the telescopic pull handle and the four-wheel design’s ability to glide smoothly for improved mobility.

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Carry-on luggage model number 06 Calpak Murphie Underseat

Weight: 6 pounds

Consider purchasing an underseat bag if you don’t generally need a large amount of room for packing; you can also carry it with you as a personal item for trips if you need to pack heavier. This piece of carry-on luggage from Calpak is lightweight and small, and it has a pass-through strap that allows it to be easily secured over the handle of another bag. This lightweight option has a storage divider and pocket for ease packing, as well as an easy-to-reach exterior pocket for your travel accessories and must-haves. Additionally, it comes with a handy trolly cover that makes it easy to transport the bag.

One of the reviewers was quite pleased to remark that “[it] has made travelling so much better.” “At this very moment, I am flying for the very first time with the bag that I brought with me. I used to carry a large bag on my shoulder, but it was too heavy for me to do so on flights, so I switched to a backpack instead. I find it much more convenient to have my belongings at my feet. This is going to work out well for me!”

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Luggage model number 07 Victorinox Connex Medium-Sized Hardside Checked Spinner

8.9 pounds is the weight.

The most recent collection of luggage from the Swiss company Victorinox is constructed using one hundred percent unadulterated Makrolon polycarbonate. This 27-inch spinner is meant to accompany you on the road for many years to come thanks to its self-repairing YKK zippers, high-quality Hinomoto wheels, and Lisof quiet tyres (which are made by Mitsubishi).

One Amazon consumer said that the product’s design was “really tastefully crafted.” “I really like the surface, and it has shown to be incredibly durable so far. Even without being stretched, [this is] the ideal size. Extremely lightweight, and it has the smoothest rolling wheels of all of the baggage I’ve used thus yet. It was well worth the money.”

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Briggs & Riley Baseline Large Expandable Spinner number 8

11.9 pounds is the total weight

The outer handle and wide outside pocket of this handy and convenient two-wheeled backpack give additional packing room for your belongings. Suits may have their creases reduced thanks to an inner foam roller and tri-fold mechanism. Its lightweight durability is ensured by its hybrid structure made of fibreglass, as well as its ballistic nylon outside fabric. The warranty on the bag is good for life. “I’m a business pilot, so I often have to prepare for trips that last between three and five days,” stated one of our customers. “This backpack is ideal for the excursions that we have planned. It is not only lightweight but also very simple to roll and move, has expansion capabilities, and has a decent looking design.”

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