How to Feel Comfortable During Periods

Feeling terrible and having periods appear to go hand in hand. Bloating, cramps, bleeding, and the all-too-familiar emotional ups and downs brought on by hormone malfunctions are just a few of the things your body is dealing with right now. Premenstrual syndrome, which may cause you to feel this way even before the onset of your period (PMS). We understand that this may all be difficult; fortunately, we have some period hacks to share that will teach you how to relax and feel better during your period.

1. Store extra underwear in a pouch in your bag or a desk drawer at work.

Blood is bound to leak across your underwear. You already know it’s going to happen, so why not be ready by keeping a few pairs of decent underwear (not ones you’ll hate wearing) in your desk or backpack for when the blood deluge comes?

2. Purchase a heating pad without an electrical outlet.

Heat not only feels incredibly toasty and comforting, but it also promotes blood flow and lowers cramping discomfort. Most heating pads need to be plugged in, but if your workplace kitchen has a microwave, you may use a hot water bottle to ease your cramps without needing an outlet. You can construct your own microwaveable heating pad by stuffing a knee sock with rice, tying the ends, and purchasing some of the adorable alternatives on Amazon. If you’re really in a bind, your heated laptop effectively doubles as a heating pad. Do not, however, burn

3. Make sure you don’t eat more salt

Salty foods, which you undoubtedly desire when you’re on your period and your body feels like it’s coming apart, are another item that causes your body to retain extra water. Give snack preparation a try the week before your period to free yourself from the alluring pull of cravings. Fatty nuts like almonds, oranges, bananas, and a tiny piece of dark chocolate are all healthy additions to those snacks.

4. Take a good walk or, at the very least, go for a short jog.

I know. I am aware that running is the last thing you want to do when your uterus feels like it is trying to escape your body. Your body releases endorphins during exercise, a hormone that uplifts your mood. The negative chemicals that cause cramping can be offset by those endorphins (prostaglandins). Try taking one painkiller approximately 30 minutes before your run to help make it easier to run and prevent you from sitting on the sidewalk every half mile (something I have done 100 percent of the time).

5. Create a DIY pad using gauze and toilet paper.

There will be moments in your life when you need to make your own pad out of readily available, non-period stuff because periods can’t genuinely be monitored and are erratic little jerks. Toilet paper and gauze, which are often included in first aid kits (and your office or whatever restaurant or business you’re at when danger strikes should have a first aid kit), may be used to create a more absorbent pad, as Jezebel recommends. Wrap the gauze in toilet paper, then use another strip to wrap the mini-pad of gauze around your underwear and attach it to your pants.

6. Boil ginger in boiling water for your tea.

Although, in my opinion, ginger looks awful, it has several period-related benefits. You already know that ginger ale helps with nausea, which is why it’s a popular choice for ill people, but it can also assist with the inflammation and discomfort that aggravates cramps. Purchase some ginger root from the shop, remove the skin, chop it into small pieces, and boil the pieces in the water you use to brew hot tea. For your ginger water, mint or lemon tea is an excellent substitute; avoid black or green tea or anything else that has caffeine.

7. Avoid using the scale.

Don’t weigh yourself based on your period; you’ll be doing yourself a great favor. Normally, water retention and weight fluctuation decrease over your period, but when you’re already miserable and bleeding, the last thing you need is for your body to fool you into believing you’ve put on weight. Not at all. Just refrain!

8. Forget about wearing your tight jeans

Why subject yourself to further discomfort by trying to cram your swollen stomach into the tightest pair of jeans? Unfortunately, no one has yet created the potato sack romper, which I wish we could all wear whenever we were on our periods. Wear that wide, flowing outfit you have in your wardrobe or those stylish sweatpants that are now okay to wear to work in the meantime. During this difficult period, refrain from wearing rigid denim on your lower body.


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