Eyebrow Slit Trend: Meaning & Style Ideas

What are eyebrow slits?

The eyebrow slits are a trend in fashion which involves cutting a thin vertical stripe of the eyebrow. The shaving of the gap between the eyebrows created a popular style aesthetic. Eyebrow slit was common in the ’80s/’90s and have been returning as fashionable with celebrity and beauty bloggers.

Eyebrow Slit Trend


Those cuts were first seen by rapper Big Daddy Kane when he cut slashes in his eyebrows in the early 90’s. Currently the trend is towards makeup and eyebrow styling which offers a number of eyebrow cutting styles that should be considered. If you want brow hair removal, you may need a hair stylist, cosmetologist, and beauty expert for assistance.

Haircut Joining Eyebrow Slits

Sometimes a man prefers his hairstyle to have eyebrow slits. By pairing shaving lines with eyebrows and hairstyles, twins can take this look to the next stage of their lives. How can we achieve a perfect hairstyle by keeping a similar angle up to the scalp?

This cut is striking in a man’s hairstyle; it has undercuts and faded side hair and longer hair on the side. It is worth taking your time to cut these holes in the chin. In general, you should ask your hairdressing expert for a cut in their hair.

Cross Eyebrow Slits


Try removing the cross from your eyebrow rather than rearranging it horizontally. Cross eyebrow slits have unique features that can easily stand out among the masses. The majority of men trim their eyebrows in order to achieve an appealing appearance. It’s possible that this look works very well with thick eyebrows because thicker hair provides more contrast and creates an impressive aesthetic.

Eyebrow slits: Two Lines in Fade Haircut Connecting To Double Slit

You can ask a professional to trim two lines into your facial hair, side by side and back and attach these lines in two eyebrow slits. Some people love to show razor shave when skin fades, others prefer undercuts or taper cuts. It is possible that you’ll be able to add slashes to your beard style. Alternatively, ask your barber if the curved part of an angled eyebrow slit remains the same.

Multiple Eyebrow Slits

You should get 3-4 eyelash cuts in either of the two eyebrows. However it can be adopted by adding two to a facial brow to dull it further. Dark, bold eyebrows are recommended for best effects but they should be made in light colors to maximize the looks. In addition, you must have thick eyebrows because it is aesthetically important to trim off significant hair.

Front Eyebrow Slit

Although many of the cuts were made at the edge of brow, the front slit was made at a relatively small distance from it. As an alternative to the classical design, the cuts are accentuated because the brows are thicker on their sides. For a fashionable and appealing look, shave women slits from slits in various styles.

How to Cut Your Eyebrow Hair?


It is easy to cut slits on the forehead using scissors, brow pencil and electric cutting tools for eyebrow cuts. It may even help to cut off shaved brow and protect it from a brow.

This will help you reduce unnecessary cuts. For eyebrow slit, you must determine how you would like the look. Historically, males tended to cut brows on outer edges.

If the eyebrows are trimmed then you will have to determine which slit is where to cut them. Remember the gap has to be vertical and the tape must be adjusted to cover the eyebrows. Using scissors, cut a portion from your eyebrows.

How to Get Eyebrow Slits?


The eyebrow slits are usually temporary, according to the way you feel about them. Those who want this job themselves need shavers and tape.

Remove angled section from tail. Keep an eye out for any excessive use as that could cause balding and bald spots on the skin.

Use concealers if necessary for the desired effect: Clean your eyebrows by properly coating and covering them with powder. Brush it up.

Use a concealer to cut corners and incorporate this correctly. While that trick works for photos, when someone else is standing nearby, you know!

Eyebrow Slits With Haircut Joining


The eyebrow slit trend is wild, energetic yet diversified. Not surprisingly, there are many different ways of experimenting depending how much you’ve taken. You can use this with a haircut.

These appear cracked and edgy, especially when you’re wearing buzz, crew, and fade cuts. You should be keeping the same brow and hair angles when cutting.

You can choose different styles. The most reliable way to do this would be with an experienced hair stylist and an expert.

From Where Does this Brow Slits Fashion Trend Emerge?

An eyebrow slit has a very darker origin. Occasionally, a split in your eyebrows occurs after a fight wound occurs. They’re leftover injuries that usually appear in old gangster movies where the characters were required to remove limbs and brows in order to simulate that.

The film was recently renamed by actors including GOT-famous Jason Momoa even if the actor did actually get cut in the bar-fight with Jason. That’s interesting. I think scars are becoming beauty features!

How To Shave An Eyebrow Slit?

You will need to brush your forehead first. You can use tape to cover the entire chin to show that it is just the portion you’re looking to trim. Use sharp scissors for gently scrubbing hair in your hairline, especially if you’re short on eyebrows. Men single eyebrow can be started with scissors but can easily trim with scissors. Several women have access to facial shaving. The hair can be cut out with a tweezers.

Double eyebrow slit with haircut


These are much more interesting than the previous ones. If your character is filled with passion but you don’t fear risk in your hair style, then try it! Make eyebrow slits attractive!

Again, it’s more appropriate to seek help from professionals than to be able to go solo. Surely an expert will have more of an advantage in achieving his goals.

Eyebrow Slit Meaning

Eyebrow slits involving shaving. These are deliberately shaved gap in eyebrows that represent a style and expression. The look has its roots in hip hop culture with rapper Big Daddy Kane, a wearer of the 1980’s. Hence Big daddy Kane, in a way, popularized eyebrow slits in the past.

Over years the appearance was associated with gang culture but the current eyebrow slit trend look does not have any specific connotations.

Fishtail Eyebrow Slits

How about an eyebrow stripping procedure for fishtails? It looks big and sassy and goes beyond the norm. For achieving this look, eyebrow slits involve shaving to create the upward flick at the front. There are various ways of slitting eyebrows at salons or home. When assembling the slits yourself use tape to make sure that it fits. Use sharp scissors to trim through the eyebrows, trimming to make them larger. The result will, however, be defined when used with facial shaver or tweezers.

Haircut Joining + Double eyebrow Slit

Double eyebrow slits in your strands will be an excellent option. Again, professional hands give excellent results, so speak with your barber.

This innovative eyebrow haircut fits men with more edgy styles. Combine the look with well groomed and well crafted hair and skin to get an absolutely badass look.

Wear an eyelet for an authentic self expression of yourself.

Haircut Joining + single Eyebrow Slit

Bring eyebrow slits to a new level and add it to your existing cuts to the scalp. A shorter style will look best. It can be faded, crewed, or undercut. The key is maintaining same brow angles.

Use of guide is helpful. Alternately, you can ask your barber for help on your next appointment so there is no disagreement over the razor.

Double-Double Eyebrow Slits or Four eyebrow slits

It’s perfect for boldness and courageousness so this eyebrow cut is ideal.

This works well with darker brows to show the contrast and you will have to take the time to ensure your eyebrows have rounded edges.

However, women who have been courageous enough will find it very effective and will draw a crowd to their attractive faces.

Do eyebrow slits grow back?

Yes, shaved eyebrows tend to deteriorate after two or six weeks, requiring maintenance to keep it that way. But when you pluck hair, it should be kept in mind pulling hair from its roots may cause thinning.

How do I cut my eyebrows?

Start brushing brows using the spool. Then, pick up where the cuts are and put some tape pieces over the brows. Slow, steady hands create the tipped slit with tiny movements.

How long does an eyebrow slit take to grow back?

Shaved eyebrows usually take about 2-6 weeks to grow back. Putting hairs on the root will take longer and may not grow again.

Bejewelled eyebrow slit

How will I deal with my funk? Piercing will boost eyebrows. It’s really chic and trendy and takes no time. Cut and you can go.

Choose the most popular mini stud or, if you want to be more adventurous, wear small chains or loops.

Double eyebrow slit

Similar to a one-brow slit trend but more fun! This indicates your readiness for a new game edge. Go on! Create eyebrow slits.

The idea of accepting the eyebrows can make it easier and gives you a lifted, healthy and sharper appearance. Have fun creating eyebrow slits.

Do eyebrow slit grow back?

Whether a brow slit can be a good option depends on your knowledge of brows. It takes two to three months to get your brows back.

My brow is just too beautiful! Also, when it comes to permanent planning take precautions.

Which eyebrow slit should I do?

It is possible to slit your eyebrow hair and choose if it flatters you better with a healthy hair growth to make it clear to the naked eye and gorgeous.

Is Single eyebrow slit stylish?

Nice and clean, it is perhaps the basic but stylish. Single eyebrow slit is a trend to follow. You can enhance the aura through eye makeup. We recommend bold colors.


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