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Cooke Maroney is a modern artist who works as the art director at Gladstone 64 in New York City. The gallery is located on the Upper East Side and is housed in the Edward Durell Stone House.

The gallery is regarded as one of the most prestigious establishments for contemporary art in the United States, and it has shown the work of artists such as Carroll Dunham, Matthew Barney (also known as Bjork’s ex-partner), and Victor Man, amongst others.

Maroney has also had a position in the New York gallery Gagosian, which is known for exhibiting the works of notable artists such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso.

Cooke Maroney is well-known for a reason that has nothing to do with the fact that he works as a curator for one of the most prestigious art galleries in Manhattan. That reason is the fact that he is married to an actress who has won an Academy Award.

The Beginning

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Middlebury, Vermont is the place where Cooke Maroney began her life on July 3, 1984.

He is the first kid born to James Maroney and Suki (née Fredericks), and his younger sister’s name is Annabelle. He is the oldest of the Maroney siblings.

Since James Maroney was beginning his career as an art dealer at the time, the Maroney family first made their home in Manhattan.

He also held the position of Head of American Paintings at Christie’s auction house for a short time before quitting his job and moving his family to Vermont, where they could enjoy a more rural lifestyle.

Oliver Hill Farm was the name given to the family’s new homestead in Leicester, Vermont, which included 775 acres.

The farm contained 125 dairy cows and six farmhands, so Cooke and his younger sister had plenty of opportunity to learn about sustainable living and the value of hard labour.

After completing his secondary education at Middlebury, which is located nearby, Cooke moved back to New York to attend New York University to major in art history.

Maroney has, over the course of his career, attracted the attention of the media, both as a member of the art world’s party scene and as a source of extensive art knowledge.

He has shown how far ahead of the curve he is as a gallerist by stating in 2015 that internet-savvy art consumers want their art to be available online and that galleries need to be prepared to give that sort of service. This demonstrates how much ahead of the curve he is as a gallerist.

The time of the Romantic Period

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Jennifer Lawrence’s closest friend, Laura Simpson, put her in contact with the director of an art museum in the month of May in 2018.

Lawrence, who was already a major star in her own right, was keen to keep the relationship hidden for as long as possible, to give the couple some time to mature and see where things were heading. She wanted to keep the relationship private for as long as possible.

It is often ascribed to them that they were able to stay under the radar of the mainstream paparazzi for such a long time, and they were extremely seldom seen in public.

One of the first times, early on in the month of June 2018, would be the last time the pair would be photographed together until after it was reported that they were engaged in the beginning of 2019.

The couple tied the knot on October 19, 2019, in an extremely intimate ceremony that took place at Belcourt of Newport.

The luxurious home known as Belcourt, which was located in Newport, Rhode Island and was built by Richard Morris Hunt more than 120 years ago, was able to keep prying eyes to a minimum as a result of its high walls and strong security.

Celebrities such as Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz, and Sienna Miller were in attendance at the star-studded wedding event.

Lawrence lauded Maroney as “the finest person I’ve ever met” prior to the pair exchanging their vows of matrimony. In October of 2020, she also shared the following statement with ET: “I’m married and I have sleepover parties like once a week.”

In an interview with Elle from June 2019, Lawrence said, “We wanted to marry each other.” “We wanted to devote ourselves completely. Because he is my closest companion, I would want to permanently and legally attach him to me. And, to our great relief, the necessary documentation is already in place for such an event.”

Lawrence made the happy announcement in September 2021 that she and Cooke were expecting their first child together.


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Cooke Maroney has a height of around 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm).

Cooke Maroney – Net Worth

Maroney amassed the most of his money as a result of his tenure as the director of the Gladstone art gallery in New York City.

Additionally, Cooke was employed at the Gagosian Gallery.

As a result, it is estimated that the American art dealer Cooke Maroney has a net worth of $25 million.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is married to him, has a personal wealth of 160 million dollars.


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