18 Ways to Make Your House More Spacious: Tips for Optimizing Space

Do you feel like your house is cramped and cluttered? Are you constantly tripping over things or feeling like you don’t have enough space for yourself? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people feel this way, especially in large cities where living space is at a premium. But don’t despair – there are ways to make your house more spacious! In this blog post, we will discuss 18 tips for optimizing space in your home. Read on for helpful advice that will help you declutter and create a more comfortable living environment.

Optimizing Space in the Living Room

1. Choose the Right Art

Art can have a profound impact on the feel of

a room, and large pieces can make even the smallest space feel more open and

airy. Choose art that reflects your style, and be sure to hang it at eye level

for the best effect. You can also use mirrors to create the illusion of more

space – place them opposite windows or other light sources for maximum impact.

2. Buy Exposed-Leg Furniture

If you want to make your home feel more

spacious, one way to do so is by investing in exposed-leg furniture. This type

of furniture has its legs exposed, rather than hidden away beneath the body of

the piece. This can help to create the illusion of more space in a room, as it

allows light to flow more freely around the room. Additionally, exposed-leg

furniture often has a sleek and minimalistic look that can also contribute to a

feeling of spaciousness. 

If you’re not sure where to start when it

comes to shopping for exposed-leg furniture, take a look at some online

retailers that specialize in this type of furniture. You’ll be sure to find

some pieces that you love and that will help to create the illusion of more

space in your home.

3. Mount Your TV

One way to make your living room feel more

spacious is to mount your TV on the wall. This will free up space on your coffee

table or entertainment center, making the room feel less cluttered. Plus, it

can give the illusion of a larger room if done correctly. Mounting your TV is

also a great way to create a focal point in the room, which can make the space

feel more designed and put together. If you’re not sure how to mount your TV,

there are plenty of instructional videos and articles online that can help.

4. Keep It Neutral

If you want to make your home feel more

spacious, one of the best ways to do so is by keeping the overall color scheme

neutral. This doesn’t mean that your home has to be entirely bereft of color –

adding in a few pops here and there can help to create a sense of visual

interest and dimension. But, for the most part, try to stick to light and airy

hues like white, cream, light gray, pale blue, etc. Not only will this help

your space feel bigger, but it will also make it feel more serene and calming –

perfect for when you’re trying to unwind at the end of a long day.

Optimizing Space in the Kitchen

5. Purge your pantry

If you’re anything like me, your pantry is

crammed full of all sorts of things – some that you use regularly, and others

that have been sitting there for years. Every so often, it’s good to take

everything out and sort through it. Toss anything that’s expired, donate

anything that you know you won’t use, and put everything else back in an

organized fashion. This will help free up space and make it easier to find what

you need when you need it.

6. Declutter Countertops

One of the quickest ways to make your kitchen

feel more spacious is to declutter the countertops. If your counters are

cluttered with appliances, cookbooks, canisters, and other knick-knacks, it

will make the whole room feel cramped. Instead, put away anything that you

don’t use regularly. This will give you more space to prep meals and will make

your kitchen feel less cluttered overall.

7. Hang pots and pans

If you have a small kitchen, chances are you

don’t have a ton of counter or cabinet space to spare. So make use of the

vertical space in your kitchen by hanging pots and pans from a pot rack or

Pegboard. This will free up valuable space in your cabinets and make it easier

to grab what you need when cooking.

8. Choose the Right Color Scheme

Colors can have a big impact on the way your

kitchen looks and feels. Choose colors that will make the space look bigger,

brighter, and more inviting. White is always a good choice for small spaces, as

it reflects light and makes the room feel more open. You can also try lighter

shades of blue, green, or pink. Whatever color you choose, make sure it

coordinates with the rest of your home so that your kitchen feels like an

extension of your living space.

9. Bring in Some Plants

Plants can brighten up any room, including the

kitchen. Choose plants that require low-maintenance, such as succulents or

cacti. Place them in pretty pots or planters and put them on shelves,

windowsills, or countertops. Not only will they add some life to the space, but

they can also help purify the air.

Optimizing Space in the Bathroom

10. Invest in multifunctional pieces

A good way to make the most of a small

bathroom is to invest in pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example,

instead of a traditional vanity with a sink and countertop, consider investing

in a pedestal sink.

11. Declutter

One of the best ways to make a small bathroom

feel more spacious is to declutter it. Get rid of any unnecessary items and

only keep essential toiletries on hand. This will help clear up valuable

counter and storage space.

12. use vertical space wisely

When dealing with limited square footage, it’s

important to make use of vertical space whenever possible. Install shelves high

up on walls or behind doors to take advantage of every inch.

13. keep things light and airy

In a small bathroom, it’s important to keep

things light and airy. This can be achieved by using light colors on walls and

floors, as well as incorporating plenty of natural light.

14. invest in space-saving fixtures

If you’re tight on space, some great

space-saving fixtures can help you make the most of your bathroom. For example,

consider a wall-mounted sink or toilet to free up valuable floor space.

Optimizing Space in the bedroom

15. Mount a Mini-Shelf

If you don’t have enough floor or dresser

space for all of your things, get creative and start mounting shelves! A small,

decorative shelf can hold a few of your favorite books, trinkets, or plants.

It’ll help clear up some much-needed space on your nightstand or dresser.

16. Invest in Some Under-Bed Storage

Whether it’s plastic bins or fabric totes,

under-bed storage is a great way to make use of otherwise wasted space. You can

store out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, or even shoes underneath your bed.

Just be sure to measure the height of your bed frame before you buy anything so

you know what will fit.

17. Pick Light Window Treatments

Window treatments are a necessary part of any

bedroom, but they can also be a source of wasted space. Heavy drapes and large

blinds take up valuable square footage, making the room feel smaller. When

choosing window treatments for a small bedroom, opt for light, airy fabrics

such as sheer curtains or Roman shades. These will let in natural light and

make the space feel larger.

18. Buy Multifunctional Furniture

There are many ways that you can save space in

your bedroom by investing in multifunctional furniture. A great example is a

Murphy bed, which can be folded up into the wall when not in use. This saves a

ton of floor space and allows you to use the room for other purposes when you’re

not sleeping.

Other examples of multifunctional furniture

include ottomans that open up for storage, headboards with built-in shelves, and

dressers that double as nightstands. By choosing pieces that serve multiple

purposes, you can dramatically reduce the amount of clutter in your bedroom and

make better use of the space.


Making the most of a small space can be

challenging, but it’s doable with a little creativity and effort. By following

these 18 tips, you can optimize the space in your home and make it feel more

spacious. What are your favorite space-saving tips? Share them in the comments


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